Five Ways to Add Luxury to Your Home

How to tie the elegant and timeless, luxurious feeling to your interiors so that you can uplift and energise your life? This guide will show you which elements we use to achieve a classy and refined home look.

Now, think about that last time that you stopped for a second in your living room, you looked around and you felt inside that something was missing, a spark that could bring you a lot of joy.

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Probably one of the oldest words in the world, luxury is a concept different to each one of us.
For some, luxury means having high-end furniture pieces, for others, it's all bout the feeling.

Whatever your concept of luxury is, here are five tips so you can get the much-desired indulgent feel in your home.

Tip #1 - Look Out for Velvet

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Velvet has a history that dates back a thousand years, through the centuries and cultures worldwide, velvet was a highly prized material, often symbolized with wealth, power and royalty.
Thanks to the modern manufacturing method, this fabric is available to everyone.

It’s the look of the material itself that feels luxurious, glamorous and at the same time efficient that has influenced the manufacturers and forecasters to bring it back on the market; for example, curtains made with either plain or embossed velvet perform better than other materials when it comes to blocking out daylight thanks to the thickness of the material.

Velvet has been one of the big news of Fall 2019 but there are no signs yet of slowing down soon.

Tip #2 - Sumptuous Leather

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Leather is one of the most durable and good-looking surfaces for home furnishings, the ageing process allows the material to turn better with time, but like all good things, it comes with the responsibility of maintaining it with the age, a proper leather conditioner helps clean spots and stains from the surface.

Leather is available in different shades of colours, from orange hues to classic black, ivory and browns.

What makes it luxurious, then, is its durability and it’s without a doubt one of the easiest materials to clean, making it a great choice for all upholstery applications.

“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatricality – that is what my luxury is all about". Jean-Louis Denoit

Tip #3 - Invest in Craftsmanship

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When I think about craftsmanship, what comes to my mind is the 'Made In Italy'.

If there is a reason that makes it highly appreciated in the world, it’s the quality of the products. Craftsmanship comes from an ancient tradition and a shared passion for art, style and "things beautiful and well made ".

If you are thinking of investing in an Italian piece of furniture, you will have a unique piece, therefore look out for the perfect cut of a model or in the workmanship of leather or fabric.

Tip #4 - Combine Decorative Details

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Styling with decorative items is the part that most of us enjoy when reaching almost the end of every project.

Whether you like Art Deco, Contemporary or more Modern accessories, make sure you remain consistent until the end, meaning that patterns, shapes, textures, finishes and colours need to be balanced to bring in the whole look.

A rule of thumb I like to follow is to style decorative objects in odd number grouping, it's called the 'rule of three'. Try this out by layering two hardcover books and adding three small objects on top (e.g small candles, little vases or decorative objects).

Talking about flowers, always make sure the blooms you display are fresh and tidy, fake plants or flowers are a no-no.

Last but not least, I recommend buying only what you love, even if that means keeping the same decors on your console table for two years in a row, don't buy items just because are trendy.

Tip #5 - Use of Earth Materials

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Natural stones, cork, wood, some textiles, glass and recycled aluminium are some of the versatile elements that come from our Earth.

Nowadays, we can find stones in a wide variety of colours and patterns, every cut is different.
Marble slabs are elegant and refined, they are the undisputed character of every interior, whether is a bespoke bathroom vanity or a custom-made kitchen island.

Whether it's ash, walnut, beech or oak, wood can implement every interior space with a touch of freshness and nature, but also elegance and simplicity.

Buying key luxury pieces is a great investment as you is can maintain them for a lifetime. Once you’ve introduced them, they will continue to make your room and home feel more extravagant for years to come.

We hope you have enjoyed your reading.
What makes your interiors luxurious and refined? Drop a comment below!