Ketty strongly believes that cities, places and interiors are all connected to our soul, creativity and imagination.
She was born and raised in South Italy, from her deep affection and enthusiasm for elegant and timeless interiors, she aims to create interior spaces that are delicate and refined

With these key elements in mind, she founded AMURI Interiors, translated from the Sicilian dialect 'love', she has pride in creating spaces with passion and devotion. 

Her style can be defined as contemporary and she specialises in residential projects, including designs for living rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, the list goes beyond with a vision to transform the humble home into an aspirational entertaining space in which to fully live and enjoy.



Ketty's professional career began in London in 2015 when she started to work in the high-end hospitality market.

Driven by her deep passion for luxury environments, she decided to master her knowledge gaining awareness and education in the creative industry.


Ketty holds two recognised certificates in professional interior design and her goal is to provide you with the inspiration, support and education you require to redesign your dream home. 

With a deep love for contemporary interiors, Ketty is fascinated by design elements that reflect the Italian 'Dolce Vita', in fact, her goal is to provide you with elegant and timeless, luxurious-feeling interiors that uplift and energises your life.

As a skillful designer, she can provide you with the solutions you need, whatever the budget and the situation.

Ketty believes that everyone can and should have a beautiful home, with a touch of 'good life'.

Ketty graduated via The National Design Academy and the Interior Designer's Business School (

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